Antarctica is the promised land of Brendon Yuri. There are traditionally Queens of Antarctica, the highest title in Googlism.

The Crown of AbnosomnessEdit

The Promised Land was explained in Poem 1.0;

"this crown of urie belongs to thee;

make sure to nail jello to a tree.

antarctica is the promised land,

pete has fun playing with his hand."

Whichever worthy Diamond found the crown would become the Queen of Antarctica, no matter the gender.

Notable Queens are as follows:

Brendon Yuri (1)

Pete Wentz (2)

Marina Diamond (see more on the Marina's Diamonds page, 3)

Taylor Lautner the First (5)

Drag Melody (52)

Pen Guin (53)

Vardark the Great (66)

Copper Wire (87)

Alcatraz Smedry (234)

Soup Bowler (1985)

Curt Kobain (1994)

Brill Jackson (current, 2012)

As prophesized in the Yuri Poems, once the number of Queens has reached over 9000, Brendon Yuri will return to Antarctica in dramatic mist and mood lighting and reclaim Earth.

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