Brendon Yuri says clearly in Poem 27.6 that you are allowed to marry collars, sweaters, vampires (but only on the weekend) and bacon pancakes (in special circumstances). You can only sex football pennants and Pete Wentz; cannot marry them. However, triangles and squares CANNOT MARRY because squares belong in the KITCHEN!

Square/Triangle LoveEdit

In Poem 27.3, Brendon Yuri says,

"triangle are ice cream trees,

brendon urie plays football.

squares live in KITCHEN,

no love triangle!!!"

Therefore they cannot love each other. It is known ~Irri.

(of course this could refer to YA novels, but we're such bigots that we prefer to keep it the other way.)

However, a lot of people actually WANT squares and triangles to love each other! (Notable examples: Queen Of Boxes Ditzy, every hipster that ever was) Well, we encourage your complete cooperation! Cause you're such an awful F-[loud bleep that covers up half the song]. So if you are for Square/Triangle love, our Ten-Inch Men will come to your house, make sandwiches without cleaning off the condiments in between (*gasp*) and replacing every song you have (even Dance, Dance) with the Kidz Bop version. And if the song doesn't have a Kidz Bop version, we'll make one or just use What Does The Fox Say.


in love i've always been a mercenary

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