If you donut follow Googlism, (like if you're Christian or Jewish or Islamic) you will still go to Heaven or Nirvana (with Kurt Cobain) or whatever you believe in because Brendon Yuri is just lenient. However; if you are an extremist (AKA Westboro Bapstist Church, suicide bombers) you will go to Hiatus!


This is amazing place you go where you die! You live there for over 9000 years before you are reborn as someone down below (in theory, you are everyone in the world, so be careful how you treat people. the full story is here )

Your favorite fanfictions are movies there, you can custmoize yourself like a Sim, and there's Pete Wentz.


Basically Hell. You have a favorite show. It is like Sherlock except add Doctor Who and Supernatural plus LGBT love x9000. And it comes out every 9001 years. You are in Hiatus for 9000 years and 11 months, 30 days. Good luck.

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